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New Reviews For My New Novel:  "The Rosey View Of The World" 


Excellent page turner. I especially love the period and time of Rosey. She is an inspiring, witty and romantic as a wife as she supported and loved and missed her husband while he was away, deployed at war. She is an outspoken sassy girl with clear and dedicated ideas. She takes a no nonsense attitude with the army and for civil rights and always stayed loyal to her friends and family whom she left in Northampton when she gave her heart to a yank and followed him to America. Well done, Rosey, you cheeky sod. The author, Andrew’s writing is engaging and compelling with just the right amount of description than kept my imagination sharp and my curiosity hungering to turn pages faster. Her view of the world was Rosey.



MARCH 15, 2023


I absolutely loved this book! It was a fantastic read. I loved Rosey’s love for life. She had a lot of spunk from the time she was a little girl to adulthood. She had a strong belief in peoples rights and for people to be treated equally and with respect and she wasn’t afraid to say it or show it! I loved this story and I also loved the fact that this story comes from true events. I would recommend this book to anyone. 

Tori on Amazon  March 20th, 2023


*Keeps you wanting more, page by page, as this wonderful woman's life unfolds. This story wraps history around it's characters in a way that makes you feel like you are right there standing next to Rosey. You gain powerful insight into life during World War II and the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's. This story about the life of an amazing woman inspires, tears at your heartstrings, and makes you smile, all at the same time. I loved it and you will too, promise.

Cathy, Amazon Verified Review  March 9th, 2023

*Anyone who’s lost an elderly parent and discovered the long-hidden treasures they left behind will relish in Andrew Bassett’s heartfelt and moving tribute to his mother, Rosey. Andrew weaves together a beautiful – sometimes bittersweet – history of a family’s past and present as seen through the eyes of Rosey and her son, Danny. The result is a captivating story that leaves the reader satisfied, hopeful, and a tad misty-eyed. A thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish!

Va Cin, Amazon, March 12th, 2023


*The authors portrayal of his mother kept me interested throughout the book. Rose had an remarkable life and came from an era that is becoming more forgotten. Knowing Rose, I believe she would be very proud of her son. Well done Andrew.

Tubegurl, Amazon Verified Reviewer, March 9th 2023




Book of the Month for February 2021

By Senior Book Reviewer Diane Donovan

Midwest Book Review

From the February 2021 Issue:

Fishing for Something
Andrew Scott Bassett
Luminare Press
Ebook-$4.99; Paperback-$15.95; Hardcover-$28.95

Estranged brothers who embark on a road trip to follow their father's last wishes find many surprises along the way that teach them about both his life and relationships and each other.

Fishing for Something is a moving journey towards redemption, reconciliation, and family ties.

More of a philosophical and psychological sojourn than a road trip alone or a fishing expedition, it will attract literature readers looking for a solid story of discovery and healing.


The US Review of Books. Review by Donna Ford 


'Fishing for Something' by Andrew Scott Bassett Luminare Press


   "Catching a break in life is like catching a fish, part skill, part perseverance, part dumb luck... lot like fishing when you really think about it." Raymond Barrett is the father of two sons named after movie stars: John Wayne and Audie Murphy. That and his love for fishing speak volumes about the type of person he is. The boys haven't seen their father since he left their mom when they were in their early teens. As the eldest son, John has taken on responsibilities in the household. Meanwhile, Audie has always been more free-wheeling. Now their father is dead, and his lawyer has informed them that they have to take a fishing trip across America and notify old friends about his passing to collect their hefty inheritances. At each stop on the list, they must go fishing as a kind of memorial service of times past. To make matters more complicated, John and his wife Darlene have recently separated, neither certain of how their entire mess might play out. Will this cross-continent fishing trip make or break their chance at fixing things? What will be the fate of John's own children if they can't reconcile? Bassett's debut novel is full of surprise and danger, bonding and anger, and lies and revelations that help make sense of who the boys' dad had been. They get to drop their fishing lines into Lake Tahoe, off a houseboat in Lake Powell, and into the Atlantic ocean. Ray's friends praise him highly, and all characters are not above a curse word or two. Before the book ends, shots are fired, kisses are stolen, and sweet-talking almost succeeds. Murderous plans are thwarted until good intentions, at last, seem to triumph over booze. The reader will not feel the least bit cheated or disappointed in the dramatic outcome. RECOMMENDED by the US Review 6 Return to USR Home ©2020 All Rights Reserved • The US Review of Book

BOOK REVIEW 11/19/2020

Reviewed by Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite

In Fishing for Something by Andrew Scott Bassett, John Barrett's life is spiraling downwards. His wife Darlene has just left him, he is overworked and underpaid. To make matters worse, his estranged brother Audie arrives in Oregon with the news of his father's passing and needs help executing Raymond Barrett's final wishes. Although John has never forgiven his father for abandoning them and his mother Rose when they were children, he finally agrees to Raymond's strange request. A fishing trip takes them from Nevada, Arizona to Miami and New York, closely followed by thugs with a score to settle with Audie. As the trip progresses, they try to reconcile their strained relationship and evaluate their lives. They also discover a hidden side to their father they never knew existed. As they arrive to collect their inheritance in New York, they are forced to face a painful memory from their past.

Fishing for Something by Andrew Scott Bassett is a compelling novel that will engage your interest immediately. I loved all the characters; they were so realistic and unique. Their personalities jumped off the page through their dialogue and little behavioral traits. I enjoyed seeing the many broken relationships of the characters slowly heal. John and Audie seemed to view the same events from their past totally differently. I thought the way the author went back and forth from John to Darlene was excellent as it gave an insight into their marriage from different perspectives. The plot moves forward continuously; there is never a dull moment. There are some really funny exchanges between the brothers but also poignant ones too. This novel has everything - strong, memorable characters, tension, realistic heartwarming scenes, and great humor. There is also a major twist towards the end. I found so many powerful lessons entwined within this novel. For example, we learn what you focus on expands, whether that is negativity, hatred, or love and forgiveness. When you only see the negative side of a situation, you fail to see any goodness. The main message of this novel, I feel, is to always live life as if it is your last moment. Tell the people you care about how you feel before it is too late.

Vincent Dublado Reader's Favorites Book Review

Andrew Scott Bassett’s Fishing for Something is a feel-good dramatic novel about forgiveness, redemption, and starting over. It is a story of the Barrett brothers, John and Audie, who are distant from each other yet find a lot of common ground when it comes to their existential woes. Abandoned by their father at an early age, John, the eldest sibling, learned to become the family breadwinner at 17. He is now a hardworking handyman contending with a marriage crisis. Audie is not exactly faring well with his personal life, and when he visits his older brother and their mother with the news of their father’s passing, their lives as siblings are about to change. Raymond Barrett has bequeathed his sons the sum of $100,000.00 that comes with a stipulation: They must go on a fishing trip across America and meet people that their late father requested. Why their father is asking them to meet people they have never known is a huge mystery for them, but it will pave the way for them to cross a new threshold.

Fishing for Something has a unique twist that will catch you off-guard, and this is how Andrew Scott Bassett effectively keeps you involved in the story from start to finish. Just ponder this question for a moment: If you are an absentee father who has never seen your sons for ages, and you know that they hate you, what would you do to make amends and make up for all the lost time? This is a heartwarming tale that addresses the contemporary social issue of estrangement that stems from abandonment by the ones we least expect to turn away. Bassett handles the family relationship with unbridled realism based on how the Barrett brothers interact with the people in their lives and with each other. It is a story that will renew your faith in family and in the power of forgiveness. In a world that does not owe you anything, this novel becomes a must-read for it may well help you re-evaluate your choices.


"Really enjoyed Andrew Scott Bassett's book Fishing for Something. It captured my interest from the beginning and held it the whole way through. One of the most enjoyable stories I have read in a long time. great characters who shine while dealing with so many struggles that are familiar to all of us. I highly recommend this book, you won't be disappointed." - M. Wiar November 17th 2020


“Fishing for Something” is a wonderfully written book. It is a “delightfully fun” page turner that keeps you guessing and entertained to the very end. The Author begins by introducing us into the lives of two estranged brothers who have painfully little in common other than their spirited, British matriarchal mother and a shared history of abandonment by their father many years before. The adventure begins when they discover that their father was rich and is also recently deceased. Contacted by an attorney at their father’s bequest, the brothers discover if they wish to inherit from his estate, they must embark on a cross-country road trip together. This will be a journey like none other. The many colorful characters that are woven into this fantastic yarn are each, old friends of their father’s. The brothers must visit each and every one of them on their zany coast to coast drive. Each visit is it’s own adventure. Each visit leads to a discovery shedding new light on their father’s character. Each encounter in their travels shows how two brothers, men with very different backgrounds, personalities and viewpoints slowly build a relationship ... all the while handling life and family problems, dangerous encounters and dealing with some “down right bad people”. A really enjoyable read!. The Author is a fantastic storyteller who really knows how to build on a story line and create very believable characters. I can’t wait for his next book.

- M. Williams November 7th 2020


"Such a great book! Certainly glad I got a copy, buying a copy for each of my co-workers!"- Kelley September 17th 2020 


" This story kept me coming back for more. It's a great adventure of brothers traveling from Oregon to New York to fulfill the requirements of their dad's will in order to receive their inheritance. The exciting adventures along the way had me on the edge of my seat. I'll be looking for more books by Mr. Bassett." 

- S. Straub  September 8th 2020


"Book was beyond spectacular, this was not just about fishing but also captures and enhances the emotions of family, adventure and humor. It takes you on a fantastic journey full of secrets and intrigue. Every page there is a steady pace that leaves you flipping pages to see what could possibly happen next. It was also enjoyable, entertaining and thought provoking. I would say a must read with a conclusion that will leave you wanting more to read the next novel he rights." - L. Martindale September 18th 2020 



"Terrific book, loved it , such a great ending 10/10 overall amazing.I can’t wait for the next book ."- L. Halvorson September 21st 2020

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