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Fishing For Something

John Barrett is feeling overworked, underappreciated and all alone as he tries to tackle the world while being separated from his wife and three adoring children.

When his kid brother arrives with news that their father, who abandoned them when they were still young has died, John is forced to face the past head-on and the pain that accompanies it while still finding his footing in the here and now. Their father’s will challenges the two brothers to embark on a life changing fishing trip across the United States where they are met with adventure, danger, and challenging truths about themselves and the father they learned to hate, at every stop along the way.

FISHING FOR SOMETHING is about the mysteries of who we are and how we are shaped by the people in our lives that we love and hate. This fast-paced tale is filled with adventure, romance, dark-humor, and explorations of what makes people behave and act the way they do. The story whisks the Barrett brothers to mesmerizing places like Lake Tahoe, Lake Powell, Miami Beach, New York City and others as the boys go fishing and catch much more than they ever dreamed they would. Through wonderful stories shared by the people who knew their father best, the brothers discover that truth is in the eye of the beholder and that no person is framed in black and white. All people are made up of shades of grey.

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