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Blogs and more coming soon! Also working on a children's book to be released in 2023!

About the Author

Andrew Scott Bassett was born in the deserts of Arizona and raised in Northern California with a fishing pole in one hand and a bobber in the other.  Much of his writing comes from real life experiences that he and loved ones have lived to tell. In this, his debut novel, FISHING FOR SOMETHING, he recounts these tails wrapped in what matters most, love, passion, human understanding and of course a full tackle box. NOW COMING SOON FOR 2022 MY NEWEST NOVEL, The Rosey View of the World. 

Rosey is the story of a young Britt lass who refused to let love, men, war and even history itself hold her back from fulfilling her dreams. She was both a prisoner and an escapee of the twentieth rules and social norms designed to keep women in their place, the place men wanted them to be. Her journey inspires not only those around her, but her son, who many years later is fighting to find his way in the world.

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